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January 2
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HMLS_Raia by weixi HMLS_Raia by weixi
For %HMLS Thank you for the invite <3
Thank you ~Ne-Cola for helping me out too and of course the duce of italy *yura-tsuki <3
I think i'm the last person to submit an application-- //getslap
But yeah I think I've been idle on DA for a very long time already DX
It's a new year so I should really be active again ne~ 
Well here you go, my new OC called Raia. Please take care of him now >.< 

Name: Raia Lucian
Nickname: Rai, Lucian
Age: 20
Position: Magus of Division IV, Italy 
Magus tattoo location: Above his butt because I can LMAO
Real life job: Librarian
Gender: Male 
Weapon: Voodoo doll represent the person Raia will protect with his shield. too much VIXX

- Cold hearted on the outside but inside he is really a warm person. Raia just like others to see him as a serious person and not someone to joke around with.
- Likes to help out with things. He likes being useful and not sit around at the back. Always think that his power isn't as powerful as some other magus.
- The quiet one in the group. Doesn't really talk much unless he has to. Prefer to observer than to talk.

- Force Shield. Forms a protective shield that last for 10 minutes. Raia must say the name of the person he wanted to protect to his Voodoo doll before he can summon the shield. Shield will be weaker once Raia is injured.
- Jump force. Channel forces into his legs giving him the ability to jump as high as an average building.
- Floating. Make non-living things float in the air but the object must be small.

Since at early age Raia knew he was adobted into a loving family of five in the country side of Italy. His adopted parents had 3 daughters and was having troubled having a son so they adopted him. He was pretty much living a wealthy life with them and everyone would take good care of him. This little boy didn't stand out in the crowd and was living a very average boy's life. He couldn't remember much about his past but knew that the doll he had with him was something he needed to keep by his side at all time. 

It wasn't until the day he turned 18 that he found out he was different from the rest of the people he was living with and it had to do with the strange tattoo behind his back. His family warned him to never show his tattoo to anyone but someone from his town must have noticed it and told the whole town about it. Raia was scared as he was locked in the basement by his step-father. He didn't know what was going on upstairs and all he could hear were blurred mumbling of men. He heard stories on what things a Magus could do but never knew he was one to begin with since he never knew he himself had powers. 

It felt like several years passed by when he was locked in the dark basement, but when he tried to open the wasn't locked at all. He stepped out and found that no one was there anymore. It's like the people who raided his house had vanished into thin air, but so was his family members. Everything was still in place, no broken windows, or flipped over chairs...everything looked too peaceful like the raid didn't happened at all. 

Raia started walking to the town nearby his house. Everything seemed normal. No one was chasing him down. Everything that got to do with his family felt like a dream. He didn't know what happened at all. He was glad that he didn't get hurt but was hit by a sudden loneliness after all that had happened. Raia clenched down his doll and just broke down in the middle of the street and it wasn't long before he met the Duce of Italy that just picked him up from the streets with a smile.

Years passed by and under some other magus tips and training, he finally discovered what his power was. Till this very day, he still has no idea what happened to his adopted family and his memories of that day has become very blurred.

Additional Information:
- His tattoo is on his waist, at the back, above his butt cause I can huehuehue
- Voodoo doll is named Dii and he carries him pretty much everywhere with him. Small in size since he has it since he was a kid.
- Doesn't really like sweet things since he has sensitive teeth.
- Doesn't look like it but he likes to read love novel.
- He likes cute socks.....shhh

- Lover - 
HMLS : Rayden Wolfram by Ne-Cola



I'm so rusty in rp omg how to do this LMAO x_x
Please take care of Raia for me @_@
DA changed so much idk how to work this place anymore omg
oh if wanna rp just note me or comment below, but do know i'm pretty rusty right now ><
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takarayume Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Student General Artist
Ahh so handsomu--:iconpapmingplz:

I'd love to rp sometime--:iconlazeblushplz:
akiicchi Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014
hisaru Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aaaaaaaaaa i want to join also!!! Q 3 Q

btw.. this the one i saw on fb rite.. xDD
S-hiki Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014
Wowow so much cool. His skill is so cute too. //shotded
Hope that we can get to RP together sometime~//
weixi Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014
thank you XD I wanted a cute skill and not something hardcore eue
I don't mind any rp >u<
but then again I'm pretty rusty on it
S-hiki Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014
You did it well e webb
It's ok~// Any ways of RP you'd prefer tho? o wo
weixi Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
thank you ;u;
well what way do you prefer? skype note? comments?
S-hiki Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
mmm I don't mind either skype or notes o wo?
YuuichiSaitou Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Another hansamu guy.. :iconnblolplz:
Welcome to HMLS, hope you enjoy here~ ^q^

Let's RP sometime if you want~
weixi Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014
thank you <33
of course i would like to rp XD
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